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Stockholm, Sweden


I'm an analytically minded business economist with a greater interest in business management, business follow-up, pensions systems and other employment benefits.

My curiosity for the stock market led me to start my business economics studies. During the university studies, an interest in labor law and business management developed, which led me to get involved in the union Civilekonomerna and to choose organizational leadership as a study focus. It was also at this time that I became interested in voluntary board work as active in the student association for business economics students.

After my university studies, round two of my work experience began. At Nordea, I realized that pensions would become an increasingly important topic for the future, whereupon the next step became an employment at Collectum. My assignment at Collectum was to work with supplementary pension premiums and solutions for high-income earners. To expand my knowledge of the industry, the next step was Fora, where I gained a broader knowledge of the labor market and the Swedish part model. Parallel to this, the Board assignments have continued and today I am among other boards, member of the board of Akavia council.



2020, t.b.a.

2016, Analyst, Fora

2014, Administrative Officer, Collectum

2013, Customer Service Officer, Nordea

2011, Full-time studies (2011-2013)

2011, Controller Assistent, Scania

2009, Full-time assistent (2009-2011)

2008, Structure Preparator, Scania

2003, Assembly Line Worker, Scania

2002, System Engineer, Swedish Royal Navy

2001, Maschine Operator, Posten ePP

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